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Seminole Secret Covert Nation




This never-been-told tale will send a chill down your spine.
It is shocking, hard to believe but not a word less than the truth.
If you think you know all there is about secrecy, big business and a multi-billion-dollar corporation and their activities, think again. What you are about to read is true but is known to only a handful of people in the whole world.
And now, one more person knows this secret–YOU.


There are six small villages in Florida with an average population of 600. These people have the largest income per person in the USA. The annual income of every person, every child, every teenager, every adult on average is $200,000 and the average family (5) is $1,000,000. The networth of each person is $4 million dollars. Less than 2% of these people went to college and in fact, over 80% never graduated high school. 90% of these people do not work, have never worked and will probably never work in the future.

All health services, housing, education, and most other services are paid for by US Taxpayers at a cost exceeding $10 million dollars per year. They even have a private airport with dozens of planes, some of which are Jets. The airport and maintenance is also paid by the Taxpayer…

Alcohol and drug addiction is rampant and in fact is the highest in the nation, maybe someone can explain to me and the public in general, how does an illiterate group like this, non educated, zero business savvy and never work?, amass a fortune of $25,000,000,000 billion dollars? For that answer we have to go back about forty years ago…

Meet Howard Tommie…. He introduced the no tax cigarettes sales on the reservation, well not exactly introduced, he sold the idea to a few mafia guys, they financed the operation and ran the operation. About ten years later he and James Billie received a million dollars from Meyer Lansky, known Mafia accountant, to finance a large bingo operation…

So to answer the question, how did this illiterate group build this empire? Well the short answer is that they did not, the real truth is that the Jewish and Italian Mafia families built it, and a quote:

Oct 17, 2005 – “You never leave the mob,” said Bruce Mouw, former head of the FBI’s Gambino squad.

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Stop the Illegal Gambling Monopoly


In 2007 Governor Charlie Crist signed an illegal agreement called a “Compact” with the Seminole Tribe of Florida and before the lawmakers could even hear this the Tribe were off running illegal games such as Black Jack, however it is there Modus Operandi going back to 1979 when they opened up an illegal bingo hall, financed by Meyer Lansky, known Mafia accountant.

The Supreme court of Florida found this “Compact” illegal in 2010, yet this Tribe ignored that order, once again an “In Your Face” defiance. Just how bad is this so called “Compact” which in reality is a “Monopoly”? VERY BAD!
How could they get away with this in broad daylight? That answer is to have a ton of cash laying around for politicians and lobbyists and hide behind the PC police that does not allow anyone to tell the truth about an Indian.

This illegal “Monopoly ” allows these Seminoles to control the entire state of Florida when it comes to gambling. They positioned themselves with huckster lobbyist and weak politicians that now has made them a $50 billion dollar enterprise. They eliminated any competition with this “Compact” by promising Florida $300 million dollars a year in tax revenue but for the last two years they have not paid one penny.

Think about it? This “Compact” eliminated the voters of Florida from making a choice, either no gambling or gambling open to capitalism, the free market system. That option was never offered to the citizens of Florida. This Compact/Monopoly is a complete sham and illegal from every position and every standpoint.

What would competition bring? First let us look at the Florida economy:

Florida’s $1.0 trillion economy is the fourth largest in the United States. If it were a country, Florida would be the 16th largest economy in the world, and the 58th most populous, 24 million as of 2018

Today with this “Compact” in place Florida was promised by the Tribe $300 million per year, but even the last two years was not paid, oh yeah these funds, wherever they are, wherever they come from are not accounted for, as the billions in cash are never accounted for, hidden behind the “Sovereign Nation” status granted by Congress. Back to competition and why this “Monopoly” never wants it. Right now Florida with its great climate, its wonderful beaches and fabulous tourism is the most desirable place to open a casino, it would dwarf even Vegas in tax revenue. Studies conclude that within five years from opening the casino market Florida citizens would be the beneficiary of 30 times + of what this illegal “Compact” offers, or $10,000,000,000. Billion dollars annually.

How do we rank today on tax revenue? A dismal 16th place, even states without the weather, without the beaches, without tourism beats us, but all of them have one thing in common, they all offer the American way, Free Enterprise.

As it stands today Florida and our lawmakers have not signed the new “Compact” with the Seminole Tribe and it should never be signed and if the politicians fail us and do sign it, then all should be thrown out of office. The reason is not all about the potential massive tax revenue it would generate and play well for the Florida people, but to have a group of lawless people that have amassed a $50 billion dollar fortune which has ZERO oversight, yes that means all cash generated by this Tribe is NEVER accounted for, not by one auditor, not by one representative in office, not by one COP, not federal, not state, not local. And by operating without competition they are a monopoly, and no monopoly ever works for the average person, please note:

Monopolies can be criticized because of their potential negative effects on the consumer, including: Restricting output onto the market. Charging a higher price than in a more competitive market. Reducing consumer surplus and economic welfare.

Today in Florida I am happy to announce we have a conservative government in charge and if they hear the roar from us they will do the right thing, so please sign this petition to make sure everyone is doing the right thing… The choice is simple: let Florida voters either vote for gambling or no gambling.


Thank you,

Freedom Fate Foundation.

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This book is published under the First Amendment 

The right to speak and the right to publish under the First Amendment has been interpreted widely to protect individuals and society from government attempts to suppress ideas and information, and to forbid government censorship of books



Back in 1972 the Seminole Tribe and Howard Tommie started tax-free cigarette sale on the reservation, well Tommie thought up the plan and invited some gangsters to run it, he and the tribe, of course, shared in the profits, neither of which did any of the work, the Tribe never worked for anything, not back in 1972 forward to the present, 2020. The gangsters were part of the Bonanno crime family out of New York, they received 60% of the profits. Moving forward to 1979 Tommie and James Billy got a new plan, start a major bingo hall and told the gangsters the plan, but the plan required a sizable investment and the gangsters knew where to get the money, along comes Myer Lansky, top Mafia accountant. He gave them $1,000,000. In cash, well he did not deliver the cash, Lansky never delivered anything, but he entrusted the loan/investment to his people, the brothers Weisman, Butch and James (Skip) who were instructed to watch over the money and make sure the Bingo Hall was built, plus have James Billy, chief at the time, sign an agreement that shares profits, 60% to Mafia and 40% to Tribe.

Against all of Florida’s gambling laws on the books, which the Tribe ignored and broke, they ran the largest jackpot bingo in Florida and one of the biggest in the country, not long after they broke more laws by bringing in slot machines, LOTS of slot machines, 100’s in operation. How big was the slot operation? Just one slot progressive game called “Super Six” made them $120 million in one year. Everyone was happy, the Tribe flourished without working and the MOB was always happy to do the work, dirty or otherwise.
Since that time, from 1979 through today, 2020, only ONE criminal action was brought against them by Chief Butterworth of Broward County in the 80’s and it was denied by the courts. Oh yeah, politics and politicians loved the Tribe and liked being paid by the Mob.

It seems the MOB was bought out of their contract in the late 90’s for $60 million, well no one is sure and I doubt it, but it was stated publicly, they were now ready to go BIG time in the casino business, any connection to known crime family figures would hurt that goal. BUT are they out, I seriously doubt it….

Moving forward the Tribe, well once again not them, remember they do not like to work, hired ‘consultants’ to pursue casinos, and looking at today, 2020, they got the largest casino operation in the country… with the help of the “Consultants” and politicians… buying out the Hard Rock enterprises for $950 million dollars and building numerous and LARGE casinos in Florida, net worth exceeding $50 billion dollars, do you think the Mob is out????? For that answer, all you would have to do is ask Butch or Skip Weisman, well Butch decided to change his name to Moriarty after the Mob paid a visit to his Connecticut home, It was not a pleasant call. So are you convinced the Mob has no interest, ha don’t bet on it.

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This book is published under the First Amendment 

The right to speak and the right to publish under the First Amendment has been interpreted widely to protect individuals and society from government attempts to suppress ideas and information, and to forbid government censorship of books



In 1957 the Seminole Tribe, all 1200 of them, were recognized by the Federal government, under the control of the Interior Department, and followed by the BIA (Bureau of Indian Affairs). Being recognized now allowed them to receive government benefits, free health, free housing, free education to mention a few, that was the only reason at that time they wanted Federal recognition, for the free stuff but things started happening for the Tribes in America, more and more liberal laws were passed to help the Tribes, making them a Sovereign nation was one of them, more on how this plays out with gambling later, and then our illustrious Congress passed a bill that allowed gambling. “Indian Gaming Regulatory Act” in 1988. Now all the shysters in the country glommed on that including Mafia crime families. The Seminoles were not the first in but now one of the largest in the country, and it all started with a Bingo hall in 79.

Under this Federal law the tribes could operate a Class II or Class III, the ultimate casino license, but all states had to approve it. Florida has yet to approve a Vote from the public that is, to allow the Tribe to operate a casino, yet as you can see, they operate multiple casinos. Oh yeah you guessed it, Politics played the most important role. In 2007 somehow Gov. Crist signed some agreement with the Tribe called a “Compact”. The Supreme court of Florida denied this “Compact” in 2010, but it did not matter, the Seminoles ignored it and continued to run the casinos illegally. How could this be???? Oh, come on, you all know that answer;, MONEY, money that hired the best ‘Consultants’, the best lobbyists, the bought the best politicians.

With gobs of cash coming in, whatever the Seminole Tribe wanted, they got…. They are one of if not the largest Lobbyists in Florida and give more money to ALL politicians then anyone.

Even today, right now, even the illegal agreement they signed they reneged on, they are behind the payment to the states by almost $700 million dollars, once again IN YOUR FACE…

The citizens of Florida are fed up with this… and soon the NO COMPACT petition will reach 100,000 signatures in less than a week…. Yep they are mad as hell…. So come on, sign the NO COMPACT petition today…

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This book is published under the First Amendment 

The right to speak and the right to publish under the First Amendment has been interpreted widely to protect individuals and society from government attempts to suppress ideas and information, and to forbid government censorship of books



It is going to be difficult for you, as it was for me, when I started researching this, to grasp the ridiculousness you will be reading from this point forward, hard to believe. Keep in mind we are talking about one small single tribe, the Seminole Tribe of Florida, last count approx. 4000 natives. Also note, that each of these natives is multi-millionaires that do not work, never worked and will never work based on my research. But why work? As soon as a native is born, she or he automatically becomes a millionaire, thanks to the gambling empire called Seminole Gaming, valued in excess of $50 billion dollars and growing. So you ask yourself where does Government waste comes into play???? Well let’s sum it up and call a spade a spade as the old saying goes, one word describes it: GREED!!!

Let me start out by saying Americans are the most generous and kind people in the world, they give and give to good causes, they give even more to downtrodden people who need help, especially the native American Indian. For any tribe to get help from our government they first have to be recognized, the Seminole Tribe was recognized way back in 1957. Why get recognized? One reason, the PIPELINE of MONEY started rolling in from the Feds… taxpayer money. Yeah, great intentions that is all that is required for these laws to be passed and the bureaucrats take over and start dolling out millions, what the hell it is not their money… IT IS YOUR MONEY!!!! Sorry for getting away from myself…

So I wanted to find out just how much money went to this tribe of at the time 800 natives, just how much money was given to them. Three agencies seem to be in charge of money allocated to the Natives and all fall under the Department of Interior.

  1. BIA-Bureau of Indian Affairs
  2. BIE: Bureau of Indian Education
  3. IHS- Indian Health Services

I filed FOIA (Freedom of Information) for all departments, well, do not believe this crap about FOIA, once again lawmakers feeling good about themselves and bureaucrats that will foil you all the way as it was in my case. But I continued, persevered and it really got interesting, for example, did you know out of the 1000’s of Federal agencies, all ill run as everyone knows, but what agency comes in dead last? You guessed it, the BIA, wow they must be proud. This agency doles out, YOUR TAX MONEY, $20 billion dollars a year to Indians such as the Seminoles of Florida millionaires. Oh yeah, this is going to really get you mad, all housing is paid for, all health is paid for and all education is paid for, wait it does not stop, the Seminoles have their own airport, yes I said airport, first-class airport, all paid for by the Taxpayer. Last count, 30 employees paid by you, none of the Indian descent, maintenance of 25 aircraft, including six helicopters and two Grumman V jets. Those two babies cost in excess of $20 million dollars. So you ask yourself why do they have an airport and all those planes when only one Indian has a pilot’s license? Yeah, just one, Chief Billy. It seems the executives of the Hard Rock Seminole Gaming company use them, they especially love to use them when flying to the St, Thomas Virgin Islands where they have over 100 companies registered, the main one: Seminole HR Holdings LLC. More on this under FRAUD

So let me continue… let’s discuss the BIE for a second, the educational funding of the Seminoles, they have one school, recently built at a cost to you the TAXPAYER, over $15 million dollars. Your kids that go to public school, the cost is approx. $7000 per year per student, the cost for one Indian to go to school, over $50,000 dollars. Are you sitting down, the attendance of this school is less than one percent 1% and fully staffed by non-Indian school teachers and administrators, paid for by you, and paid much more than the average public school teacher. How many kids graduated last year? SIX…. and guess what? Those students that graduated get free, yes I said FREE, to choose any universities they want, it is 100% free…

Let me sum this up, between the housing, all medical, all educational and airports and another 100 programs, the Tribe receives over $40 million a year… and these people are all multi-millionaires…. Do you think this is right? Of course not, so please sign the Petition NO COMPACT… at least we can finally do something about this…

Whoops, forgot one thing, recall I said only six graduated, a special trust fund was set up for the children to motivate them to graduate high school, each kid got $200,000 dollars for graduating, wow what a motivator, yet only six kids took advantage of that…

Now sign the NO COMPACT petition

Thank you

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This book is published under the First Amendment 

The right to speak and the right to publish under the First Amendment has been interpreted widely to protect individuals and society from government attempts to suppress ideas and information, and to forbid government censorship of books