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Seminole Secret Covert Nation



This never-been-told tale will send a chill down your spine.
It is shocking, hard to believe but not a word less than the truth.
If you think you know all there is about secrecy, big business and a multi-billion-dollar corporation and their activities, think again. What you are about to read is true but is known to only a handful of people in the whole world.
And now, one more person knows this secret–YOU.


There are six small villages in Florida with an average population of 600. These people have the largest income per person in the USA. The annual income of every person, every child, every teenager, every adult on average is $200,000 and the average family (5) is $1,000,000. The networth of each person is $4 million dollars. Less than 2% of these people went to college and in fact, over 80% never graduated high school. 90% of these people do not work, have never worked and will probably never work in the future.
All health services, housing, education, and most other services are paid for by US Taxpayers at a cost exceeding $10 million dollars per year. They even have a private airport with dozens of planes, some of which are Jets. The airport and maintenance is also paid by the Taxpayer…

Alcohol and drug addiction is rampant and in fact is the highest in the nation, maybe someone can explain to me and the public in general, how does an illiterate group like this, non educated, zero business savvy and never work?, amass a fortune of $25,000,000,000 billion dollars? For that answer we have to go back about forty years ago…

Meet Howard Tommie…. He introduced the no tax cigarettes sales on the reservation, well not exactly introduced, he sold the idea to a few mafia guys, they financed the operation and ran the operation. About ten years later he and James Billie received a million dollars from Meyer Lansky, known Mafia accountant, to finance a large bingo operation…

So to answer the question, how did this illiterate group build this empire? Well the short answer is that they did not, the real truth is that the Jewish and Italian Mafia families built it, and a quote:

Oct 17, 2005 – “You never leave the mob,” said Bruce Mouw, former head of the FBI’s Gambino squad.

More coming soon…

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